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Aging in Community

About Aging in Community



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More Background Information

The City of Centennial’s Innovation Team (i-team) assists the City in tackling its top priorities. The i-team started in 2014 with an initial foc‍‍‍us on transportation and mobility. With the help of the i-team, Centennial released the Go Centennial pilot program and the Mobility Ambassador Program (MAP).

With direction from the Mayor and City Council, along with the strong partnership of the Senior Commission, the i-team transitioned focus areas to Aging in Community – with a specific focus on housing. Having conducted research with subject matter experts and Centennial residents, the i-team is now seeking solutions. Centennial looks forward to working with City residents, subject matter experts and businesses to co-design initiatives that enhance the experience of residents aging well in Centennial’s community.  

Mobile Senior Center

Aging in place in the suburban setting can result in individuals located throughout the community, with those who cannot or choose not to drive experiencing reduced access to centralized resources. This initiative would introduce a Mobile Senior Center in Centennial to provide the resources of a traditional senior center in a format that is designed to suit the needs of Centennial’s senior residents.

Demonstration House

This initiative looks to educate Centennial residents on how they can update their homes to enhance in-home quality of life. The City would provide a demonstration home to highlight minor and major renovations and technologies residents can consider to prolong independence and increase quality of life. Examples may include universal design, accessibility features or smart home appliances. Companies would rotate their products in the home to demo them to the public.

Senior Testbed in Centennial

Many variables inhibit a one-solution outcome to enable seniors to live more comfortably and safely in their homes. To facilitate private industry innovation, Centennial could establish policies for private entities to responsibly develop and test products and services in the City.

Virtual Senior Center

This initiative would create a virtual space for seniors to find a sense of community, a pivotal component of senior health. This web-based program would allow both home-bound and active senior residents to access a 'one-stop-shop' of resources they need to age well in their community.

Technology Ambassador Program

This initiative would build upon the City’s successful Mobility Ambassador Program and provide peer-to-peer training for technology resources. This initiative would fulfill the need continually voiced by residents and subject matter experts that the senior demographic wants to learn how to use modern technologies, like mobile applications and Internet of Things (IoT) appliances to accomplish tasks.

Centennial City Council gave the i-team the thumbs up to move forward with the City's Aging in Community initiatives, listed below. City Council has prioritized the top two initiatives, the Mobile Senior Center and Promoting Universal Design Retrofits – and has requested the i-team continue monitoring the remaining four initiatives for potential partners. We want to hear about your ideas on potential partnerships for programming and funding for each of these initiatives. Please reach out to the i-team with any ideas, comments or questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Promote Universal Design Retrofits

This initiative would develop Universal Design building and retrofit guides to be included within the existing Building Guides Library on the City of Centennial’s website. The initiative would also expand the City’s Home Improvement Program (HIP) to improve rebates awarded to residents making universal design retrofits in their homes.

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